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AD Products is an LLC that was started by a group of individuals with knowledge and experience in small business, nuclear engineering, patient disabilities, disabled veterans, accounting, and graphic design. This team of individuals came together to design two great and rewarding products.

The team started their journey with the AD Mirror System in 2012. They developed their mirror platforms from 2012 thru 2015, patents were applied for, and received for both design and utility patents from the United States and Canada in 2016. The lengthy process used, in testing and development, allowed the team to manufacture a prototype system. This allowed them to re-evaluate and re-design each part as they tested it. The team designed the horseshoe base along with interlocking mast sections. This allowed for various heights, which provided easy placement and adjustability. If used between the mattress and box spring of bed-bound patients, this stable platform was easy to set up and break down by the patients, caretakers or medical personal. They designed interlocking mast sections that allowed for various heights, thus providing easy placement and adjustability. A complete interchangeable system provided a full 360-degree adjustable mirror. The end-user is provided with over 41 square inches of viewing area, which is accomplished by elevating and rotating the device to meet the patient’s medical needs. The completed system allows patients with skin issues, ostomy issues, amputations, spinal cord injuries, Spina bifida, arthritis, and visual impairments, to use the product with little or no problems.

Our team was also testing the possibility of using our system with an 18-inch mirror for phantom pain relief at the doctor’s office or at home. Their goal was to make a durable product that was portable, easy to use and keep clean. With limited funds and sales, we continued the lengthy testing process, which lasted thru 2016 to 2018. Early sales included selling about 40 units to an assortment of customers and included disabled veterans. Customers were interviewed monthly while searching for investors and possible sales outlets. This gave us the opportunity to see how the product was actually working, holding up, and what issues customers were having. Though this process was very time consuming, it also provided the most comprehensive information about the product and its various uses to our team.

The mirror system was approved by both the FDA and the Veterans Administration. Our hospital units are presently being used in VA Hospitals. Focusing on small trade shows, and various medical support groups, we moved to apply for grants and finding investor opportunities.

This year however some members of our team have had medical issues which we are not able to overcome. Therefore we are looking for prospective clients in the areas of investment and patent acquisition or companies with manufacturing and national sales capabilities to launch the mirror system both nationally and worldwide. Should there be an interest in discussing these possibilities, please contact us at the email below.

Multi Product Brochure

Attention: Ron Dolar
Email: [email protected]
AD Products
PO Box 48122
Spokane, Washington 9922

Our second project was a leak detector system for swimming pools. Designed as a simple easy to install system, that provided a foolproof way to detect and notify the end-user of water issues. It grew to include patents that covered all types of liquids and fluids that would work in a large assortment of areas. These included homes, buildings, hotels and factories in both indoor and outdoor areas. It can be applied to pipes, electrical and phone boxes; the capabilities and savings it can bring to various business entities include the petroleum, telephone, cable and utility industries. AD Products patents were issued and expanded in 2019 for our Trenching leak detector system. These patents cover a wide variety of uses for this detection system which would take to long to explain here. To learn more about our patents, their capabilities, and to discuss possible options for purchasing, feel free to contact us using the email above.

What is an AD Mirror System?

AD Mirror Systems are designed to provide vital, hands-free viewing assistance to users of any age, in almost any setting, and can be quickly and easily set up with no assistance.  The mirror systems are easily assembled and disassembled in seconds.

Quality mirror products designed to give users greater independence.

Home Mirror System

This the most durable of the personal mirror systems. This full-size, stainless steel version aids the patient daily at home or beyond, and provides greater independence.

Trooper Mirror System

This smaller, lighter version of our home mirror system fits in a backpack and is ideal for an active lifestyle.

Trooper Foot Inspection Mirror

Using the same, smaller Trooper construction, this version of the mirror system has just one branch, making it optimal viewing height for diabetics foot inspections.